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National Troll A Tory Day! – December 15th

December 9, 2010

For all those unable to attend the National Day of Action Against Benefit Cuts we are pleased to present the first National Troll A Tory Day* on December 15th 2010.

*We aim to be as inclusive as possible.  With this in mind Tory can also be taken to mean Lib Dem, as we can longer see any difference between them.

Spend the day online firing out as many passionate, mischievous, heartfelt or just down and dirty rude messages to the Tory press, Tory or Libdem bloggers and Tory/Lib Dem MPs wherever they may skulk.

For too long the media have portrayed benefit claimants as scroungers, lazy or fraudulent.  This is our chance to tell the truth about life on benefits and how these cuts will affect us all.

The obvious candidates are the Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and The Sun.  All allow comments and in the Mail’s case these comments are sometimes unmoderated.  Find a recent story about benefit claimants, or just dive in an interrupt the latest chat about X Factor.

In the event comments are removed or strictly moderated then why not switch to Tory/Lib Dem bloggers.  Government supporting website Guido Fawkes and MP Iain Dale are two of the most prominent.  Again comment moderation may be turned on, but don’t let that put you off, make them work for their living for a change.  Should you tire of these, then Iain Dale has a handy list of the top 100 Conservative blogs to get your teeth into.  There’s a similar list of Lib Dem blogs on Libdemvoice.

Facebookers might want to pay a visit to the facebook pages of David Cameron, Nick Clegg or Vince CableConservative Home, and also have the facility to leave comments.  Lots of Tory councillors and MPs have blogs, use google to find them and give them a piece of your mind.  If you have a blog yourself why not write a post about the upcoming benefit cuts or use facebook, twitter or any of the new fangled devices available to show your contempt.

You can write to your MP via   Or how about a letter to your local paper explaining to them how the vicious benefit cuts are likely to impact on you or your family.

The internet gives us unprecedented opportunity to tell this spineless Government exactly what we think of them.  Let’s come out in force on the 15th December and start the fight back against the welfare and housing benefit cuts set to devastate so many lives.

Please feel free to leave more links to Tory and Libdem scumbag’s sites in the comments.

As well as Trolling Tories tomorrow why not give Atos a call.  Here’s the phone numbers they didn’t want you to see taken straight from:

“Advice from Atos

Atos Healthcare can give telephone advice to clinicians on medical matters relating to:

  • certification – such as completion of certificates and reports
  • disability benefits.

They are only able to offer general advice and cannot discuss individual cases of people who are being assessed for benefit. This advice service is strictly for healthcare professionals.

Atos Healthcare can also provide more formal educational sessions to clinicians by prior arrangement.
Atos help lines for clinicians

Please do not give these numbers to patients.

Birmingham 0121 626 2941
Bootle 0151 934 6070
Bristol 0117 971 8382
Cardiff 029 2058 6750
Croydon 0208 633 1324
Edinburgh 0131 222 5055
Glasgow 0141 249 3616
Leeds 0113 230 9068
Manchester 0121 335 0720
Newcastle 01264 837 789
Nottingham 0115 975 8362
Wembley 0208 795 8772″

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  1. December 11, 2010 6:19 pm


  2. December 13, 2010 6:39 pm

    I agree with passionate, mischievous, heartfelt messages to the Tory press/bloggers/Tory/Lib Dem MPs, but take issue with being just down and dirty rude. To try to compete with Tories at the level of personal rudeness is more futile than trying to compete with an elephant in a sh*tting contest.

    It is much better to pose tough questions in a polite but firm way. Icily polite if need be.

    That’s what I think anyway.

    • cowandgate permalink
      December 13, 2010 11:36 pm

      I agree, although it was always fascinating watching said animals at the zoo when I was a child. Likewise the Tories get the same result, a crowd to watch whilst they make a big mess……that someone else is left to clear up!

    • December 14, 2010 4:16 pm

      I agree with Richard Lawson. Where’s the merit in being rude to people just because you disagree with them?

  3. December 16, 2010 1:27 pm

    This communication is part of the Day of Protest Against Welfare & Housing
    Benefit Cuts on 15th December 2010 called by autonomous benefit claimant
    groups. We have decided to take up their idea of National Troll a Tory Day
    and Internationalise it by combining it into our current Dead Workers
    Union Cyber Vigil under way against the monarchies of Swaziland and
    England as well as the multinationals Foxconn and G4S until this iNcwala.

    We are particularly eager to support the action against welfare and
    housing cuts in the UK because, like Workers Dreadnought in their
    Constitution for British soviets, we see the basic unit of workers
    organisation as the household soviet lead by women. The original labour is
    the labour of birth and this is the basis of the labour movement. To
    paraphrase both Black Mask and Yoko Ono, Woman as Class – and so beyond
    any Proletarian Nation such as the Muslim National Communism of Sultan
    Galiev, we must assert that the idea of a British Soviet is a
    contradiction in terms. – we do not need any Proletarian nation – the
    proletariat has no nation, and never did. National Liberation Struggle
    must be seen in relation to class and situation – ie a national
    consciousness is superseded by a class consciousness – and we are becoming
    conscious of ourself as the revolutionary class – the gravediggers of this
    society – the Proletariat.

    For us it makes no sense to define workers according to nation or indeed
    occupation, e.g. as miners, students or according to ethnicity eg as
    Africans or Muslims – as separate from the proletariat. Universities ARE
    supermarkets and datamines. Education at once exploits and gives one a
    chance to increase his/her wage and to climb a step in a social hierarchy.
    The proposals to build New Europe led by precarious intelligentsia makes
    no sense to us. It repeats the same historical mistakes made by the
    Situationists in their treatment of the general strike of May 1968. “The
    beginning of an era” succumbed to Eurocentricity and the fetishisation of
    the unexpected proletarianisation of students – that avant-garde of the
    bourgeoisie destined to be the freemasons of the future – when they claim
    that student occupations and uprisings in other countries following may 68
    were a consequence of the events in Paris that summer, which, ‘in fact’,
    were a consequence of situationist propaganda. Rather than claiming to
    have an armed theory after the event, it was Black Mask’s idea of the New
    Proletariat of 1967 that combined the theory and practice of overcoming
    the worker/ non-worker divide in the working class.

    And yet in London today, even though it was carefully stage managed by
    freemasons, the only viable politics is that displayed by the students who
    attack the police line and members of the monarchy who occupied the party
    HQ — this is the only reasonable response to Capitalism. To criticize one
    political party is to do good for another, which, like Labour in this
    case, has actually initiated the politics of tuition fee increases during
    their past rule (it reminds us of the miners’ movement in the 80s, when
    Labour party was the one who closed the most of the mines). We stand with
    those who occupied the HQ building and with all the students who have
    occupied their university buildings subsequently – not in concert with the
    National Union of Students or other unions. Because the direct assertion
    of the self goes beyond the economic defence which is manifested through
    trade-unionism, it goes beyond ‘the rights and access’.

    To stand with the workers is one thing. Another thing is to stand with a
    particular group of workers and to deny the international nature of
    working class in favour of some trans-European bollocks. The proposal to
    build ‘The New Europe’ nation reminds us of the ‘plural’ ‘new’-right
    political organizations, all products of the imperial war machine that
    creates the jihad and the counter-jihad movements. We therefore oppose the
    English Defence League (EDL) and stand with the Muslim workers of any area
    under attack and with the Muslim Defence League (MDL) before but as well
    as Antifa, Unite Against Fascism (UAF) or any other political group
    because the MDL is the manifestation of workers self defence against an
    organised and concerted attack. We will therefore always be with the
    workers themselves as they supersede their leaders and organisations.

    A curious similarity arises when we see both a fetish of university
    education and a fetish of art. Uncritical attitudes towards these both
    institutions correspond to Casa Pound’s views – there is hardly a
    difference. Idealist dreams about either cultural production or research
    activities somehow escaping Capitalist system is contemptible. Art Against
    Cuts campaign fights the public sector cuts by occupying but not
    disrupting the Turner Prize. Education today is a preparation for work.
    Art is work. Both these categories are created to fit
    Capitalism and divide the working class, and the politicos are adjusting
    them accordingly. If something for us goes bad to the extent of us taking
    to the streets, it is a moment exposing Capitalism and opening up
    possibilities in collective action.

    Protests are optimistic only in the moments of attack – where the
    individual interests of the workers connect with the general interests of
    the international workers movement, the Proletariat. Students in London
    join the Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) workers
    strike and the upcoming involvement in the benefit and welfare protests.
    Contrary to the recuperations of nationalists or transnationalists, they
    are internationalists – making links with the student movement in Iran and
    drawing from Xiamen Dada and the Tiananmen Square students – they are
    going from wahdat – Union – to kathiral – Multitude. This transition is
    not just across all space and situation but also across all time.
    Individual unions cannot currently do this but individual workers can and

    The Data Miners Travailleurs Psychique is a sitUnion of those who make
    meaning – individual workers, dead or alive, real or imaginary. we pay no
    dues and have no membership list. We manifest committees at will and are
    instantly revocable as such. We recognize no front line and no demarcation
    of zones. We recognize no leadership or due process. We simply and
    directly take control of the situation, the time and the space.

  4. Liam permalink
    January 23, 2011 5:29 pm

    What a futile, childish waste of time this is. And totally biased too. Labour are as much to blame for many of the problems as the current government – if not more in some areas. If I have an issue to raise I will do it maturely and properly via the proper channels – by writing to my mp, minister etc. Reducing a serious debate to this does a genuine concern absolutely no good at all.

    • January 23, 2011 5:59 pm

      “If I have an issue to raise I will do it maturely and properly via the proper channels – by writing to my mp, minister etc. ”

      Good luck with that

      Perhaps you could vote Lib Dem as well, really sock it to ’em hard

    • January 23, 2011 10:36 pm

      “…and totally biased too…”

      but not as biased as the Tory old school tie judges who sit in judgement on social security cases up and down the land!

      Never has there been such a blatant, continuous and repeated attack on the sick and poor of the UK as we have seen with this Tory led government.

      If people choose to attack them with whatever weapons they can muster well so be it, even if that involves name calling, which is just what they do to us calling us “the workless” or “benefits scroungers” or “those disabled scammers” or “those who elect to lead a life on disability” etc etc

      Small wonder we are annoyed.


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