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Newcastle 15th December – Confirmed!

December 11, 2010

Meet at Newcastle Monument, 12 noon Wednesday 15th December 2010

Called by Tyneside Claimants Union

Come and join us for an afternoon of activity against welfare and housing benefit cuts and reforms.

The reforms and cuts to benefits affect millions of people. They are going to lead to increased poverty, homelessness, debt, overcrowding, and stress for many individuals and families – disabled people, pensioners, carers, single parents, unemployed workers, college students, and low waged workers are all affected. This attack on benefits drives down working conditions and wages for everyone. Fighting these austerity measures is a form of self defence.

We welcome everyone to attend this protest whether you will be directly affected by these cuts and reforms or want to show solidarity with those who are.

Please bring your banners, placards, ideas and enthusiasm.

Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested

Contact Tyneside Claimants Union for more information:

This has been called as part of a national day of action:

Here are just some of the cuts and reforms to benefits that will be imposed on us:

Housing Benefit (including Local Housing Allowance)

On benefits or a low wage and rent privately? The maximum amounts will be reduced so that only 3 in 10 private rented properties in the whole of Tyneside will be affordable to people, rather than the 5 in 10 private rented properties that are affordable now.

Got a large family and rent privately? The 5 bedroom rate of Local Housing Allowance is being scrapped.

Under 35 and single with no kids? If you live in private accommodation you’ll only be entitled to the rate for a single room in a shared house, not for a flat on your own (currently this only applies to the under 25s).

On jobseekers for more than a year (even if you have kids or are disabled)? You’ll lose 10% of your housing benefit.

Jobseekers Allowance (JSA)

Unemployed for too long? You’ll be forced to work for your benefits i.e. for as little as £1.27 per hour. This will not help reduce poverty or improve life chances. But it will allow employers to bypass the minimum wage.

You’re a single parent? You’ve already been forced onto JSA when your youngest child is 7, by 2012 you’ll have to look for work when your child is 5.

Sickness and Disability benefits (ESA, Incapacity Benefit, DLA)

Too sick to work? ATOS Origins are being paid £6 million to prove that you’re fit for work. Only 6% of people applying for Employment and Support Allowance (which replaced incapacity benefits) are awarded benefit without back-to-work conditions. 39% are found fit for work, and 37% drop out of claiming.

Disabled? The government wants to the budget for Disability Living Allowance by a 5th.

All benefits

Many benefits, allowances, and tax credits will now be uprated by a lower measure of inflation than they have been previously. This means that they will rise more slowly. This will gradually push claimants further into poverty.

Cuts will also be made to tax credits, council tax benefit, and child benefit. Education Maintenance Award is being abolished.


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