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National Troll A Tory Day 3 … and Rat On A Rat!

April 10, 2011

The Third National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts has been called for the 14th April 2011 with events already being organised around the UK.

As before, for those who can’t make it we present the third National Troll A Tory Day, this time with a twist.

It’s come to our attention that a particularly parasitic breed of vermin has infested the House of Commons and many local council offices. With this in mind we urge people to contact your local council’s pest control service and call on their help to eradicate this menace. Westminster Council run a freephone pest control line on 0800 358 0514.

Alternatively you can report this outbreak on: – don’t forget to send a copy of your message to your local MP or councillor to make sure they get the message.

Once that’s done it’s back to trolling tories and their lib dem lackies for all they are worth (which admittedly isn’t very much).

Facebookers might want to pay a visit to the facebook pages of David Cameron, Nick Clegg or Vince Cable. The Daily Mail, Telegraph, Daily Express, The Sun and pro-government website Guido Fawkes are also keen to hear your views.

The websites Conservative Home, and also have the facility to leave comments.

You can find a list of Tory bloggers at:

Lib Dem slime can be found at:

Finally it would be rude to leave out corporate leeches Atos Origin. Remember folks, everyday is Troll Atos Day:

Join the facebook page and help spread the word:


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