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Atos Occupied in Cambridge and Liverpool Picket Report

May 11, 2011

News from Cambridge at 7pm, 11/5

Hey folks, ATOS has been occupied, on 24 Hills Road, opposite St Paul’s Church.

People are thinking of staying the night, support welcome! Get down there!

News from Liverpool’s picket on Monday – On Monday 9th May, Liverpool Solidarity Federation organised a picket of the offices of Atos Origin.

As with the last time we picketed the office, the response from the public was a positive one. With a larger turnout and more signs on show, it was also a lot easier to draw people’s attention to what was going on and pique their curiosity so that they took a leaflet.

But, of course, handing out leaflets isn’t the end of it. People continue to suffer as a result of the assessments delivered by Atos and the pressure needs to be maintained on them until this despicable practice ends. This week of action will no doubt not be the last, and we as others are determined to make the voices of the most vulnerable heard.

more at:

In London today several people joined the Hardest Hit March chanting spiky slogans and falling out with stewards as well as handing out leaflets about Atos Origin.

A picket of Atos Origin, 1a Elthorne Road, off Holloway Road, London has been called for tomorrow – Thursday 12th May at 11am.

Bring placards, banners, leaflets from 11am!

More events will be taking place around the UK this week, for the latest list have a look at:

More pics from Monday’s Triton square demo can be found at:

Whilst The Guardian has a video at:

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