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ATOS and DWP a not so secret ‘Public’ meeting Weds 18th May

May 17, 2011

9.30am HoC Work and Pensions Committee –
Grimond Room

Migration to Employment and Support Allowance


i.Atos Healthcare
ii.Professor Malcolm Harrington

Ideally it would make a big impression if we could fill the Public seating with disabled people.

Also a small presence of protest outside to meet and greet Atos would be effective.

Media coverage, photographers etc would be excellent.

Some people who understand the system to speak to press.

Grimond Room
Portcullis House
Westminster SW1A 2LW

from Dawn Willis blog

Meanwhile the International Week of Virtual Protest against Atos has been extended with tweeters occupying the hashtag #atosorigin for three days now.  Keep it up, it’s fun and easy, just add #atosorigin, (and if you fancy it #siemens, #atosSAP) to every tweet.

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  1. Wolfgang Hoffmann (Punyaketu) permalink
    May 20, 2011 10:35 am

    I very much welcome your taking action. I am directly effected by how ATOS works and the whole system how vulnerable people are treated be the authorities. In February I did win my own ESA appeal and was straight put into “support group”. Three months later I already received the same questionnaire concerning my claim for ESA. That was yesterday . It means the whole process has started all over again, and, if the system does not get changed, will continue until I shall get my pension one day. I do not know anymore in what kind of country are we living in. As I am also the representative of a depressive person who awaits her tribunal as part of her ESA appeal I can see how much it effects especially people with mental health problems. It makes them, and many of us too, more ill than we are already. What is really ill is the system. That is my conclusion.

    I am looking now for ways for us all to get organised. Today I am going to see our MP here in Cambridge, and I already spoke to one of my activist friends. If we all stay together we will be able to make a big difference. Please feel free if you think in the same way and let us do something against the unbearable situation.

    With my very best wishes to us all
    ea able to m

  2. w blat permalink
    May 25, 2011 5:02 pm

    I find it incredible that the ESA tribuneral has no powers to enforce its decisions. This means the DWP is a law unto itself and it can force people to go for ATOS medicals on pain of loosing benefits , you are denied points on one pretext or another , you then appeal win your appeal and they send a form to complete and again send you for a medical. This is a scam to give fees to medical professionals I use the term professionals loosely, then the expense of the appeals are extra costs, the findings are disregarded it is perpetual motion the tribunerals should demand legal jurisdiction and not be a tool in the hand of the DWP

    • Wolfgang Hoffmann (Punyaketu) permalink
      May 25, 2011 11:03 pm

      I fully agree with you. It is my own experience when I had to appeal to the first decision about my ESA claim. It is very clear that nobody had read my “self-assessment” up to that point. I found it so challenging and upsetting to go through my whole life’s medical and psychological history that it has taken me four weeks to finish it. Then two months later I won the appeal. Not only that. I was, and I heard that this is quite rare, put into “Support Group”, i.e. the highest level of ESA support. This made it very clear to me that,
      whoever made that decision over my appeal, had eventually taken my situation serious. He must have actually read the arduous questionnaire I had filled in plus took my GP’s report, a mere list of medical facts and data, more serious than what ATOS had written.

      Though I have several conditions that won’t improve anymore but get worse with growing age, I received just three months later the same questionnaire, and the whole process has started all over again. What sense does that make? I experience it as mere oppressive measures in order to get rid of people that need help. All in the hope we will give up at one point. Why are people treated like criminals when they need help after they have been working their whole life only because they need help. Are we only worth something as long as we contribute to profit making? I am in great fear when I see in which direction this country is going. Only because we ill and disabled people do not have a powerful lobby as the big industry has can one disregard us in such cruel ways? What can we do to organize ourselves and create such a strong force that the decision makers in this country tread in the way we deserve it?

      I am also thinking about people with mental health problems. The system, as it stands, does exactly the opposite what it supposed to do, namely to ease people’s suffering. The effect it actually has is that it makes people much more depressive than they already are before applying for ESA.

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