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Steve Cram Signs For Atos Origin

May 17, 2011

Top sports star Steve Cram has signed up to be to be an ambassador for notorious poverty pimps Atos Origin. According to Atos themselves the ‘Arrow of Jarrow’ will promote their “long-term role as the Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic Games in order to strengthen our UK business.”

Atos Origin have recently been the target of protests by disabled people and supporters over their treatment of benefit claimants forced to attend the ‘Work Capability Assessment’ which is administered by Atos.

Perhaps Cram is unaware of the people deemed ‘fit for week’ by Atos who have died whilst appealing this decision. Perhaps he has not heard of the suicides that have taken place due to people being stripped of benefits. Maybe he is unaware of the people with terminal illnesses, mental health conditions and serious disabilities who have been declared ‘fit for work’ and may now be forced onto workfare schemes.

So why not tell him. Steve Cram is on twitter @jarrowarrow. He also runs a company called Extra Mile Me who can be found on twitter @extramileme, on the phone at: 01434 689 040/07900 223 563 or on email:

He runs a thriving online empire selling Cram-Alert bracelets (no laughing) who can be contacted at:

Be nice (for now) he also runs a charity after all and they can be found at @COCO_Charity on twitter or visit:

A facebook page has been set up calling on people to contact him:

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