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Benefit Cuts Campaigners to Target Atos Recruitment

May 22, 2011

Disabled people, benefits claimants and supporters are to target recruitment events hosted by IT company Atos Origin.  Pickets outside two events have been called so far where protesters have vowed to make sure potential Atos ‘Healthcare’ workers will know exactly how their future employers operate.

All claimants on health related benefits are set to be retested by Atos, using a computerised system which has seen thousands wrongly stripped of benefits and been described as ‘unfit for purpose’.

Atos rely on Doctors, nurses and midwives to carry out the tests – as one nurse, and former employee of Atos has said:   “It’s against my principles to treat people with long term illnesses in such a disgusting way, so I had to give it up.

“People go into those interviews and talk openly to you because you are a nurse and they trust you.

“Then your skills are used against them, to take away their benefits and destroy their lives.”

The first protest will be held at the Atos Medical Assessment Centre, Corunna House, 29 Cadogon Street, Glasgow on Monday 6th June between 6pm and 8pm.

A planning meeting has been called on Thursday 26th May at The Free Hetherington, part of the Glasgow University OccupationMore details can be found at:

Facebook page is at:

Protesters will also gather outside the BMJ Recruitment Fair on September 29th where Atos plan to exhibit:

Atos are carrying out more recruitment events around the country.  You can find details at:

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  1. stacey jade salter permalink
    May 26, 2011 5:07 pm

    David cameron

    you should have left the money and are benefits alone you can not make us work some of us are not very well what about you and cutting all the day centers down to 2 days a week what are we going to do then stay in all day i not do a thing whats going to happend then you should of told us about the day center cut before you told everyone eles ok just to let you know you have got your own way say their


  1. Atos Kills Cripples | the void

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