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Glasgow – Day of Action Against ATOS – 30/9/11

September 28, 2011

Friday, September 30 · 1:30pm – 2:30pm

Atos Medical Assessment Centre, Corunna House.
29 Cadogan Street, G2 7RD

We will be handing out leaflets to those attending sickness assessments on how to deal with the medical. We will be giving advice on how to appeal against being turned down for Employment Support Allowance with the aim of reducing the profit Atos makes from forcing sick and disabled claimants off benefits. We will also be leafleting workers on their lunchbeak in nearby offices to publicise how Atos and the government are cutting… benefits to pay for the greed of bankers and the inevitable booms and busts of capitalist economics. We have no illusions that the sickness assessment system was fair or humane under a Labour government or when it it was run by the DWP. There is only one reason for wanting the assessment system to be run by a public body – at least some corporation isn’t making a profit from the misery of the sick and disabled. In the long-term we aim to live in a society based on the principle, ‘from each according to their ability, to each according to their need’.

There may be some tea and nice biscuits.

If anyone wants to discuss what we are doing we can be available at the STUC building, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow G3 6NG on Thursday 29th September between 5.30pm and 8.30pm while we finish our new banner.


We Will Win

Not even the wrong medication can stop us now!

The Crutch Collective

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  1. Micha Saiits permalink
    September 28, 2011 7:57 pm

    Those of you attending the ATOS Healthcare Medical Assessments !) Take a copy of your Medical Records with you and present them before they ‘assess’ you. If they do not even look at the records, have your accompanying ‘friend’ ‘spouse’ or ‘carer’ bring them to the Assessors attention. Ask the Assessor their name. Take a photo of them. Ask them for a phone-number so you can ask them questions which may arise afterward. Your Medical records are a ‘legal document’ – so if they refuse to read them, they are, in effect dismissing the ‘legal’ medical grounds for your claims. Don’t be intimidated by their ‘tick-box’ mentality and don’t be afraid of asking them what they are doing! If they do read your Medical Records, they cannot refuse to acknowledge what is within them. They can be used at Appeal and you may even be able to have evidence given by your GP. to substantiate your claims. Government (nor anyone who works on Government’s behalf) can escape the Law. ATOS is bound by Confidentiality and Data Protection Laws, so if you are criticized on Facebook by anyone who appears in your photograph – you may be able to have their account and/or their employment terminated. I hope some of these actions help everyone affected.

    • Eileen Spencer permalink
      September 30, 2011 3:37 am

      thanks for info, very helpful when the time comes. But what happens if GP said she will wait until ATOS asks her for a report and tell her what they want? GP also said she will just write the report but no opinion as she is not allowed to say whether person can work or not…I think she meant she will not be able to tell ATOS that in her opinion, i should not go back to work. i have asked three times now and GP has said the same. i am still waiting for ATOS to tell me what the verdict is after i sent my forms back 2 months ago. Already have physical and mental health issues but this has worsen my health. I have also sent letter to say GP will not be writing until ATOS asks for medical report (because in my form i have said medical report requested from GP). Anyone else has same problem?
      i wish all the best for Action Day today.

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