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Protest Outside the Disabled Rights UK Conference – 22 November

November 5, 2011

Tuesday 22 November 2011, from 10am

Taylor Wessing, 5 New Street Square, London EC4A 3TW

On Tuesday 22nd November Disability Alliance will be hosting a conference on disability and poverty at the offices of Taylor Wessing, New Street Square, London.

Addressing the conference will be the Minister for Disabled people Maria Killer Miller and leading welfare parasites Atos who carry out the flawed Work Capability Assessment.  Tens of thousands of disabled and sick people are being forced into poverty as a direct result of this government’s policies and the role of Atos as disability assessors, whose true purpose is to strip benefits from as many people as possible.

With the launch of the Personal Independent Payment this situation is set to become far worse as current Disability Living Allowance claimants are forced into a similar demeaning and stressful assessment regime.  Around 20% of disabled people are set to lose vital benefits as part of the process.

Join us at 10am outside the conference to show out contempt for this government’s treatment of disabled people.

Bring placards, banners, leaflets etc

Taylor Wessing is on New Street Square which can be accessed via Fetter Lane.  The nearest tube is Chancery Lane.  The nearest wheelchair accessible station is City Thameslink (buses below)

A national month of action against Atos and the benefit cuts is being held throughout December.  For more details visit:

City Thameslink to Holborn Circus
521 towards Waterloo
242 towards Tottenham Court Rd
25 towards Oxford Circus
8 towards Victoria
(Approx journey time 12 mins)
St. Paul’s to Holborn Circus
521 towards Waterloo
242 towards Tottenham Court Rd
25 towards Oxford Circus
8 towards Victoria
(Approx journey time 13 mins)
Farringdon to Charterhouse Street / Snow Hill
63 towards Forest Hills Tavern
(Approx journey time 15 mins)
Blackfriars to Farringdon St / Stonecutter St
63, 45 towards King’s Cross National Rail Stn
(Approx journey time 16 mins)
High Holborn/Chancery Lane to New Fetter Lane
341 towards Lower Marsh / Carlisle Rd
(Approx journey time 18 mins)
Barbican to Fetter Lane
4 towards Waterloo
(Approx journey time 22 mins)

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  1. November 21, 2011 9:41 pm

    Hi imtrapped home alone as usual. totally irrivocably abandoned by so many health providers they are so cruel and unprofessional yetMiller and ATOS Are going to deliver the killer blow when I get my brown Envelope. Im totally defenceless at their non Mercy. dread dread dread. Only my heart and soul can be with you all on the day but im right here t my computer doing what i can.

    Best Wishes to all.


  2. KAPTAINKRIP permalink
    November 20, 2014 9:57 pm

    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has carried out 60 secret reviews into benefit-related deaths in less than three years, Disability News Service (DNS) can reveal.
    DWP released the figures in response to a series of Freedom of Information Act (FoI) requests by DNS.
    It said in one response that DWP had carried out “60 peer reviews following the death of a customer” since February 2012.
    There have been numerous reports of disabled people whose deaths have been linked to the employment and support allowance (ESA) claim process, or the refusal or removal of ESA and other benefits, including the writer Paul Reekie, who killed himself in 2010, and the deaths of Nick Barker, Jacqueline Harris, Ms DE, and Brian McArdle.
    The Scottish-based, user-led campaign group Black Triangle has collected more than 40 examples of people – most of them disabled – who appear to have died as a result of being found “fit for work” through a work capability assessment (WCA), or having their entitlement to benefits otherwise refused or removed.
    Many of the cases became widely-known through media reports of inquests, but in the case of Ms DE, the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland concluded that the WCA process and the subsequent denial of ESA was at least a “major factor in her decision to take her own life”.
    But DWP has consistently denied any connection between the coalition’s welfare reforms and cuts and the deaths of benefit claimants.
    This week, DWP also released guidance used by its staff to decide whether a peer review was necessary, and guidance for authors of a peer review.
    This reveals that the role of a review is to “determine whether local and national standards have been followed or need to be revised/improved”, while a review must be carried out in every case where “suicide is associated with DWP activity”.
    It also says that peer reviews might also be considered in cases involving “customers with additional needs/vulnerable customers”.
    As with previous FoI requests by DNS and many other disabled campaigners, DWP refused to answer some of the questions because it claimed that it planned to publish information itself “in due course”.
    It also said it had only begun to keep national records of internal reviews since February 2012, and that it was too expensive to find figures from local and district records showing how many such reviews there had been before that date.
    Another of the FoI responses stated that it was too expensive to produce information showing how many letters DWP has received from coroners expressing concern that a death may have been linked to the non-payment or withdrawal of a benefit.
    Bob Ellard, speaking on behalf of the steering group of Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), said the disclosure that DWP had investigated 60 claimant deaths since 2012 was a “damming revelation”.
    He called for an urgent independent inquiry into the suicides and other deaths of benefit claimants.
    Ellard said: “We still don’t know enough about this as the DWP continue to use the small print in the FoI laws to prevent disclosure of information that is in the public interest.
    “We are calling for the deaths and suicides of benefit claimants to be urgently investigated by an independent authority.
    “We believe that these tragic deaths are as a direct result of [Conservative work and pensions secretary] Iain Duncan Smith’s policies and we want him to be called to account.”.
    John McArdle, co-founder of Black Triangle, said that if 60 people had died in a major accident there would have been “hell to pay” and a “massive inquiry”.
    He said NHS figures showed a general rise in self-harm and suicide, which Black Triangle (BT) believes is connected with the effects of “cuts and austerity”.
    McArdle said he would like to know how many coroners had made recommendations to DWP in the wake of inquests into benefit-related suicides and other deaths.
    He said: “I think the public has a right to know whether coroners have made these recommendations to prevent similar tragedies happening again.”.
    DNS reported last month how DWP had repeatedly contradicted its own position on benefit-related deaths.
    It originally stated, in an FoI response, that it did not hold any records on deaths linked to, or partially caused by, the withdrawal or non-payment of disability benefits.
    Mark Harper, the Conservative minister for disabled people, later told DNS that he did not “accept the premise” that DWP should collect and analyse reports of such deaths.
    But the Liberal Democrat DWP minister Steve Webb appeared to contradict Harper when he said the following week that when the department becomes aware of worrying cases “they do get looked at”.
    A DWP spokesman finally told DNS last month that it carries out reviews into individual cases, where it is “appropriate”.WRITE TO YOUR MPSPREAD THE WORD ABOUTTHIS AS WIDELY AS YOU CAN BRDS

  3. November 21, 2014 2:48 pm



  1. There’ll be a protest outside the Disabled Rights UK Conference – 22 November. Will you be there? #mhuk #hardesthit « Dawn Willis sharing the News & Views of the Mentally Wealthy

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