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Join us for an anti-workfare protest at Grayling’s workfare conference

March 22, 2012
Monday, March 26, 2012  9am-12.30pm

London – Centre Point Tower

On Monday 26th March Chris Grayling will be entertaining his friends at a workfare conference entitled ‘Tapping into talent: putting employers at the heart of the Work Programme’.The title says it all really – the Work Programme is not there to support the unemployed, but to squeeze profit out of them for employers by placing job seekers on workfare.

• Under the Work Programme job seekers may be forced to work for up to 6 months unpaid.

• The Work Programme is costing tax payers over £5 billion but will not create a single new job.

• Multi-million pound companies such as A4e, currently being investigated for fraud, and G4S, who are being investigated for their role in the death of Jimmy Mubenga, stand to make huge profits – courtesy of the tax payer – through the Work Programme.

• The Work Programme discriminates against disabled people and prisoners who are being fast tracked onto the scheme.

At this conference Grayling hopes to reassure businesses about the Work Programme after the public outcry against workfare. But however hard Grayling tries to convince businesses, it is quite clear to everyone that the Work Programme is doomed to fail. We will not tolerate this exploitation!

We will be there to remind Grayling and his friends that workfare doesn’t work and isn’t fair!

Join us at 9am to give them a rowdy welcome to the conference.

At 10.30am we will be heading off to some other sites of workfare interest in the area – join us for the ‘Farewell Emma’ party at the local A4e. There’ll be cake, balloons, and party hats. Feel free to bring along other party goodies.

Check this facebook page, Boycott Workfare website, and Boycott Workfare Twitter for updates on this action.

The organisers of the workfare conference suggested using #InclusionTalent2012 on Twitter. We might want to join them – if you can stand to type out their fatuous slogans.
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  1. integrity permalink
    March 23, 2012 6:34 am

    Before you start your crusade on Monday, you might be advised to read up a little more.
    Everything that you have outlined above is grossly incorrect.
    I hope we won’t have to endure a bunch of illinformed and anti job protesters as you will have come to your senses.

  2. March 25, 2012 2:22 pm


    Under the WORK PROGRAMME Job Seekers may have to work for 8 weeks for not a nickel or a dime but for the benefit of learning how to put tins on a shelf.

    Under the guise of THE COMMUNITY ACTION PROGRAMME Job Seekers may be required to work for up to 6 Months on community based projects much like criminals do on day release or on probation at present. Therefore you are being criminalised for not having a job.

    THE WORK PROGRAMME is costing in excess of 5 Billion pounds and may produce a few jobs but will be a dismal failure like every other government work programme before it. But hey at least the same old private companies and the same old vested interests will do OK out of it.

    Under this current scheme all disabled people are the cash cows that these exploitative organisations make the most money out of – remember the Champagne has to come from somewhere. With regards prisoners being fast-tracked, judging by the CAP we are already criminals anyhow. How dare we not be employed PUT THEM ON CAP IMMEDIATELY.


    That’s why the SLIMY CHARACTER GRAYLING is already backtracking and trying to imply it’s voluntary.

    I hope this is more specific for you

  3. Kimonh permalink
    March 26, 2012 12:09 pm

    Won’t those people who will be shelve stacking be payed their Job Seekers during those weeks?
    If so how is it worse than actually doing shelve stacking as a job? The money you get is only slightly better after tax.

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